Sommer, Summer

Birdwatching tour to Tisnes

Get a glimpse of the diversity of arctic birdlife on this tour to a local bird hotspot!


2 people
3-4 hours
Age limit
10 years

Enjoy the rich diversity of birds up here in the north while walking in majestic scenery!

Every spring a large number of different migrating bird species gather at the local hotspot at Tisnes, a short drive from Tromsø. Some only use it as a refuelling stop before migrating even further north or east, while others use it as a breeding spot. The rich tidal zones, wetlands and open forests in the area make it a ideal place for both waders, divers and other bird types. The rich diversity of bird species in a small area can be enjoyed fairly close as a small local road goes by where we can walk by and enjoy the birds at a distance where we don't disturb them.

On this tour we drive out to Tisnes, a beautiful peninsula 30 minutes outside Tromsø. Here we park the car and walk along the road, passing by tidal zones, marshes and wet meadows, small ponds, green fields and birch forests, every habitat housing different species of birds. Here we might see the spectacular male ruffs (Calidris pugnax) fighting and trying to impress the more grey females, hear the ghostly sound of the common snipe (Gallinago gallinago) or the common curlew (Numenius arquata) flying on display, or the arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea) fighting off a nagging arctic skua (Stercorarius parasiticus).

After a nice walk and hopefully many nice observations, we stop for a coffee/hot chockolate and a small snack down by the sea before heading back to the city, with the memory card on your camera and mind full of good pictures!

This tour is low demanding and does not require much physical strength. The walk is on dry tarmac, so no hiking boots are needed. However, good walking shoes will be beneficial, as the walk is for about 2-3 km, and we will be walking/standing for a couple of hours. This is not a tour for the impatient, as bird watching requires patience, and sometimes bird sightings will be fewer than expected, as the birds move around quite a lot. We will provide a bird scope, a field guide book, hot drinks and some biscuits and a local guide/ornothologist.

NB! The tour is weather dependent, and might be cancelled in case of bad weather. You will then be offered a new date or a full refund. The tour requiers at least 2 participants to be conducted.

Meeting place:

Meet outside the Aurora fokus cinema in Grønnegata 100 at 09:30, and look for a guide in Sommarøy Adventure clothing.


  • Local guide/ornothologist
  • Transfer from Tromsø city centre
  • Available bird scope and field guide
  • Hot drink and biscuits

Make sure to bring:

  • Binoculars
  • Good clothing
  • Good walking shoes
  • Water
  • Camera


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