Winter, Winter, Summer

Boat transfer Tromsø–Sommarøy

Travel the fjords out to Sommarøy!


1 people
1,5–2 hours
Age limit
Suitable for all
Alle year
From 15.000 NOK

Experience the sea route!

The sea route used to be the only route in the olden days, due to few other options. Today, most travel out to Sommarøy by car or bus, but the sea route is still a good option, and maybe the most spectacular one. Why not switch out tarmac by salt water for a change?

With our fast and steady boat with a heated cabin, we will pick you up in the city centre and quickly navigate us towards the first checkpoint of the trip: Rystraumen. Large amounts of water passes through this narrow and shallow sound with the tide every day, creating a powerful and fascinating tidal current teeming with life. After navigating us safely through the tidal current, our local guide and captain will take you through the fjords, with spectacular mountains raising over 1000 meters above the fjord on our left side, and pastural small farms clinging onto small patches of green between the fjord and the mountains on our right side. After a while the fjord opens up, and we see the ocean in the horizon. However, before entering the open sea, we turn into the archipelagos of Sommarøy and brensholmen, navigating between small islands and white beaches in the crystal clear water. Be sure to look out for curious harbour seals, otters, porpoises, soaring White-tailed Sea Eagles or other sea birds checking in on us before arriving at Sommarøy. The spectacular scenery can be enjoyed through panoramic windows in our comfortable and heated cabin, but it is also possible to sit outside and enjoy the fresh sea breeze for the extra warm blooded people. During the trip our local local captain and guide will share knowledge and stories about the nature, wildlife and culture in the area.

If you have extra time, the trip can also be extended to include other sites, such as the remains of the shipwreck of the Nazi warship "Tirpitz", or the old and fascinating lighthouse situated on Hekkingen on the rugged north tip of Senja.

The trip will last for about 1,5 hours, taking you from Tromsø city centre out to Sommarøy, or from Sommarøy and into Tromsø city centre. The price is for one way only, and the trip can be tailored to suite your wishes. The boat has a capacity of 11 passengers.

During summer time the trip can be conducted around the north side of Kvaløya, a longer but more spectacular route. This route passes through unaccessible archipelagos, under cliff islands and spectacular fjords surrounded by thousand meter high mountain tops. This trip takes about 2,5–3 hours and comes at a cost of 18.000 NOK. It can only be conducted during the summer months and is dependent on good weather conditions because of the exposed route.

Meeting place:

Tromsø city centre or Sommarøy harbour


  • Transfer by boat from Tromsø–Sommarøy or Sommarøy–Tromsø
  • Local guide/captain
  • Boat with a heated and comfortable cabin with panoramic views
  • A different and spectacular transfer to Sommarøy

Make sure to bring:

  • Warm clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Camera
  • Binoculars

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