Welcome to us at Sommarøy, and welcome to our adventure.

Sommarøy with its close to 300 inhabitants is one of the more vibrant fishing communities in the region, with a young generation mixing its new urban ways with the old heritage of coastal traditions. It does actually seem as if time slows down just a little at Sommarøy, time to explore, devour and create life lasting memories.

The locals here are nice, laid back and easy to approach. At the local shop the stories and laughter come easy. Either you are here to fish, sea kayak or just stroll around you will soon find yourself a small part of this little community while there.

An hour south west of Tromsø you will find us among an array of small islands, sandy white beaches and krystall clear waters. The view are impeccable with the island of Håja rising to the north as a local icon. An icon many sea kayakers spend years building the skills to cross over to. To the south we have the fairy tale island of Senja with its alpine mountains and to the west the open ocean lures the adventurous.

The arctic light and life

In the neighboring village of Brensholmen and the area around Sommarøy, we find some of the oldest cultural heritage sites in the region. There are finds discovered here that date back to The Iron Age. Two separate remnants of viking establishments are also discovered here. At Sommarøy itself the first families settled down in the 1830s as fishers and traders.

Along with the fisheries, tourism is a big part of the economy at Sommarøy. The hotel is a large contributor here, accommodating guest both national and from abroad and is a partner of ours. Our guests are attracted here for a number of reasons, but the main is probably the arctic light. Maybe this beauty also gave people in the old day a brighter day in a harsh living environment.

It is something of its own to experience the endless midnight summers. The sun never even close to touching the horizon, before rising again. From mid-May to mid-July we are all about 24 hours of daylight. Since we are located at the edge of the map, there is nothing to block the view either.

Sommarøy adventure offer true and personal experiences in a rich coastal environment.

In the period from late september to late march our region is perfect for hunting the auroras. Sommarøy is located atmospherically perfect even increasing your chances when the activity is low. Being of the map in a dark area also means the light pollution is low to increase your chances to see the auroras in a spectacular way.

It is easy to forget time and place when you are there, but the auroras are also unpredictable. We can never guarantee, but with some patience and good planning, the chances are high that your hunt will succeed.

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